Student’s Desk

Student’s Desk

I removed all the ratty marks and stickers but kept this looking ‘loved’ as I liked it to look real and not store-bought.

I used scrunched foil as the pouring base inside so that the silver shines through in places to lighten it up. I think this is a good one!

Resin, acrylic and mica and foil worked wooden student’s desk

H72 x W59 x 46cm

August 2019

Student’s Desk in progress

I’m currently jazzing up an old ratty student’s desk.

So far I’ve taken it apart, sanded it all down, painted the rest of it black and dremelled in the design for pouring. That part is all done, so now I just have to decide what to do with the rest of the top and figure out what to put in the inside as a surprise!