Making a dragon

Ooh.. I’m exhausted. I’m the type of person who declaims that she never wants to be boring, and that includes the art. If there’s two roads to follow I’ll take the third. That said…. I’m always scanning YouTube vids to see what to do, but I’ve decided to do one better. I love dragons and trying to pour one is iffy to say the least, coz the resin moves and you may start with a dragon shape and end up with a frog.

So I decided to do a dragon flying out of the picture. Can I find a video to do this? Can I hell.

So… I got some styrofoam and cut it into the shape of a dragon’s body and wings, sprayed it with removable glue, glued it to some boards, lined it with rubbish liners (took a long time to find a liner thin enough to make the claws on the wings and withstand the heat from the flamethrower (to get rid of bubbles) and went for it.

That done, I left it for 6 hours and in the meantime to get the shaping right I cut into a large piece of styrofoam and made bases to drape the pieces on to make it look like it was flying. Then I unmoulded it (Oh c’mon.. it’s a word) and draped the pieces, and today I went with my craft knife and dremmel and shaped and outsides so they were clean because they were really ratty. The gold still looks bloody marvelous!

So.. I’ve got a large long canvas, and I went through 3 days of trying to figure out what background to have to make the dragon ‘pop’. All the google searches came up with crap. No good images of a dragon flying from above, so I was stuck with plants, water, fire or clouds. Fire was out because the wings have orange and it’d mute the colours, and plants are boring, water is boring because everyone’s doing it, and hmmm… clouds…. I can do that. So I’ll do that. So I’ll spend the next couple of days doing a cloud pour, reseal the pieces with resin to get rid of the dremel/cutter marks, and then resin the buggers onto the canvas. What could go wrong? Watch this space!

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