Large ‘Turducken’ Dichroic Resin Cube

Large ‘Turducken’ Resin Cube

This one was a pain in the bum and I didn’t think I’d be able to finish it! The mold warped so I bought a ton of powertools and polishers, sandpapers and wine, and got to work.

I’ve learned a lot from doing these, and hopefully my next one will be perfect!

The rainbows these throw off are mesmerising…

6cm Cube (27 1cm dichroic cubes in 1.5cm dichroic cubes in 6cm resin cube)

Resin and Dichroic film

December 2019

Turducken Dichroic Resin Cube

This piece was a pain in the arse to do.
I made small 1cm resin cubes (my mold that makes a buttload of these isn’t shiny so I have to coat all of the sides with clear nail polish to make them see-thru) and coated them with dichroic film to give the shimmer.

THEN I embedded them into 1.5cm cubes and coated them again with dichroic film.

THEN I embedded them into a 5″ cube.


I made a larger 6″ cube with 3x3x3 cubes but the blasted thing was off-centre and the silicone mold stretched during the curing process. So we went out and bought some powertools so I can reshape this bad boy and you’ll see it soon!

5″ cube

Resin and dichroic film

December 2019

Dichroic Cube

Resin Dichroic Cube

Resin Dichroic Cube

Wow! Took almost a month but I’ve finally finished the cube prototype! It’s so *damn* beautiful!

Resin and dichroic film

6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5cm

September 2019