Turducken Dichroic Resin Cube

This piece was a pain in the arse to do.
I made small 1cm resin cubes (my mold that makes a buttload of these isn’t shiny so I have to coat all of the sides with clear nail polish to make them see-thru) and coated them with dichroic film to give the shimmer.

THEN I embedded them into 1.5cm cubes and coated them again with dichroic film.

THEN I embedded them into a 5″ cube.


I made a larger 6″ cube with 3x3x3 cubes but the blasted thing was off-centre and the silicone mold stretched during the curing process. So we went out and bought some powertools so I can reshape this bad boy and you’ll see it soon!

5″ cube

Resin and dichroic film

December 2019

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